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Frequently Asked Questions

The Milk is Pasteurized and free from disease causing microoranisms and safe for human consumption,Vendors supplied milk is raw,unclean,unpasteurized,Adulterated,full of disease causing microorganisms and so unsafe.

As the people do not find fat layer on top,they feel so. In fact due to Homogenization the fat globules are subdivided into very small particles And uniformly distributed in all pouch milk.This process makes milk digestable.

The cold chain facility is not maintained when milk is distributed In market And as a result milk is subjected to ambient condition.Acidity Develops in milk slowly which lead to sediment formation.

In case milk is not kept under refrigerated condition bacteria will multiply rapidly and milk will be spoiled.

In order to comply legal standards Milk Powder and butter oil is added to natural milk.When water is added large quantity of milk powder has also to be added.

Our milk is packed in LDPE pouch with a FFS machine which is a combination of lectrical,electronic,mechanical and pneumic Functions.Every possible measures are undertaken to fill up the pouch as per standard.In case falure in any of above functions Volume may vary.variation in big length may also create Impression of less milk in packet.permissible volume variation in 500 ml pouch +-5 ml.

Pasteurization process involves 2 steps.Childed milk is rapidly heated to 72 degree c and kept at that temperature for 15 seconds and then milk is childed to 5 degree c immediately.This heat treatment destroys almost all types of bacteria.In fact We can not do this at home.